So I didn't know where to put this… So I'm putting it here…. So here goes…. On january 21st a girl named Jules Halverson Committed suicide. She has had depression her whole life and eventually she gave up… She gave in… She figured it was the only way out… I was in inschool suspension the day it happened… I'll just start from the night before…
I was grounded so I was not aloud on the computer and face book so I didn't see anything was wrong with her… I went to school the next morning to wait for her… She never showed up to school… I thought maybe she was just sick. So I didn't worry to much and I still hadn't seen any posts….A little later my friend came up to me saying she was worried because Jules had been posting suicidal posts….. I told her not to worry or bother jules because she was just sick but she was fine…. I told everyone she was fine….. Well I didn't get to talk to her that day… I tried to message her at 10:59…I never got a reply…. I didn't think anything of it and I was happy all day…. Thinking she would come back the next day…. But that night around 8:30 My mom came to give me the phone… She hands me the phona and on the other end I hear one of my friends crying. She managed to get out "jules killed herself." I didn't cry I just said "how…" I felt dizzy and I fell on my bed… She said she hung herself in her closet… I managed to hold myself together until I got off the phonw then I burst into tears… My mom and aunt stayed with me for about an hour but then Iasked to be left alone… My other friend tried calling but I couldn't hear it twice… It hurt to much… Once they left me alone I opened my closet door and took out my boxes… I dumped them all over my floor… Searching for her note book she had givin me and the note she wrote me a long time ago…. When I found them I just sat and stared at them for hours… When my dad got hime he kept checking on me all night… I didn't go to sleep at all that night and my parents gave me the option to stay home… But I had to go I didn't want to leave anyone alone…. I managed to control myself…. I sat with one of my friends… she looked at me with her blue eyes and simply asks "did you hear?" I turned towards her and shook my head yes and started crying…. The school had a library for us to stay in if we couldn't make it through classes…. I stayed there until vacation pretty much…. I am still in pain… Hell I started crying writing this… I don't know what to do… I'm lost and hopeless…. And I can't save everyone no matter how hard I try… I can't even manage to keep 1,600 people happy on fb….. How am I suppose to help everyone….


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