Today kind of sucked, so far. I mean, I am just feeling a lot of things right now. I put that my mood is frustrated, but I am also angry, sad and disappointed. No matter what I tried, things just didn't really go right. It wasn't the worst day, but I am just feeling a lot of things right now from today. I am really overwhelmed. It just sucks when you make a plan to do something and it falls through, no matter what you do. We finally got the money in to go get this much bigger TV that we have been wanting from Wal-Mart, but our car is too small to fit it. Wal-Mart doesn't do delivery options or help you in any way with getting what you want home. The guy was nice to me at the U-Haul place when I called and was willing to wait 5 minutes for me to get there, but it got complicated even though I did everything right, and we were 1 minute late with getting our car registration inside, so thatwe could rent a truck. It just really sucked and bummed me out to have been so close to getting it, and then to have not. We were so close, I could feel it. Plus, we have just been being really good and kind people lately, by giving our neighbor a ride to work for the passed week. He isn't paying us and him and his roommate make a lot less than we do, right now at least. So, we have just been doing it as a favor to him, while his roommate is out of town. I really thought that things would go better today, because we are giving, considerate people and I really feel like we deserved it. It's not like we have to wait a whole long time. We are going to go and get the TV tomorrow, but I just really wanted to get it today, as Ed and I don't get much time together lately as it is, and he has to go in to work on Sunday. That means, we basically just have tonight and tomorrow together. I wanted us to really just be able to enjoy our TV together all of tomorrow, instead of having to wait for the U-Haul to open, go and rent a truck, go buy the TV, come home to set it up, and finally return the truck. I really just wanted things to go right today, so that we could have one day of relaxation together this week. Doing all of it tomorrow is going to take a couple hours, at least. Anyway, I just really wanted to get that off my chest. I was already bummed that Ed has to go to work on Sunday. We tried so many different ways of going about it. We tried Lowe's and Home Depot as well, and there you have to be 25 to rent a truck. I really hate this 25 rule. Ed and I are really good drivers and if you have insurance and a good driving record, then you should be able to rent a truck. I am just really disappointed about how today went and I hope this weekend goes better, even though Sunday is going to suck. These next few months are going to suck, actually, as Ed will have to go in to work more and more to study for his tests. Well, I think I am handling it pretty well though actually. I haven't cried or screamed. I probably won't either. I am just going to be doing work of my own on Sunday. So, I will be distracted. I know I will be much happier once we have the TV. We have been wanting it for years. It felt like one thing when we didn't have the money to get it. It felt like something I could handle. Now, we have the money and we don't have the means. This is just a new level and different type of sucking. Sorry if I am complaining about something that seems so petty, it is just something that we have literally dreamed of and wanted desperately for years. We have saved up and consistently put money into our savings. It just sucks to have it fall through at the last minute, with how hard I worked on getting it today. That's all I have to say I guess. Today has been a much better day for me physically. That part is definitely good and I am hoping it will continue. Although, having "positive" thoughts and thinking like a "healthy" person I'm sure had nothing to do with it, as that is what I always do. Anyways, thanks for reading. If you don't have a nice comment, something that won't make me wrong about the way I am feeling, then please just don't comment, because I wouldn't do that to you. Thanks.

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  1. lag823 12 years ago

    Thanks to both of you. Yes, I am happy now. Tomorrow is almost here and we will get the TV, set it up and be able to watch it and have it for a very long time, finally.

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