I'm new to this group. Im not suicidal. But I have suffered with deppression most of my life. and in the past 2 days I feel sad, angry, defeated for probablt numerous reasons. Or maybe just cause I need a reason to be sad.

I just received an e-mail from a mother whom I babysit her toddler part-time.

I had asked her if I was allowed to take her son to my kids school since there is a parent-teacher meeting that I would like to attend and that I would take care of him well.

Her responce was that this was inapproprate and that while I am watching her son, that he deserves my full attention. (she snounded snotty in one of her sentences)

I don't get why this is such a big deal and 'inappropriate. I see others bring kids to parent-teacher meeting all the time.

Maybe someone can explain this to me.

Or maybe we just have very different parentong styles.

I mean, when my kids were younger annd I hired a babysitter and the sitter asked me this…I wouldnt of said no.

I take her son out all the time to the park and even the parents job.

What is the big deal about a parent-teacher meeting?

She even said in her e-mail that she doesnt want her son in a parent-teacher conference nor it is appropriate to have my sons 'cover' for me.

I wasnt asking my teenage and pre-teen sons to 'cover' for me as she put it. Why would she say that?

Is it even normal that some parents want their child to have 100% attention all the time? He is a very smart toddler, but isnt it normal to teach your kids that sometimes adults have conversations that kids should stay out of or that the world is not always about them.

Cabn someone enlighten me please. I would love to hear your opinion on this.


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