Yesterday was productive.  Although I managed to find internet time, we got a lot done around here.  The house is clean and the laundry is done.  I hate housework. 

We worked outside most of the day.  We bought one of these Garden Mantis machines for tilling.  There is an attachment for dethatching the lawn.  Tom had the back yard done in about an hour so I went out to help rake.  then he tuned up the lawn mower and I cut the grass while he detatched the rest.  I love cutting grass, probably due to living in the city as a child and we never had a lawn or garden.  I finished helping rake up the rest and cleaned out the rest of the large flower box.  After that we decided to call it quits for the day.  We work so well together.  We had burgers for dinner, I grilled, and he made some crab snacks.  After the bottle of wine, the muscles didnt ache so much any more.  And I forgot all about how upset I was the day before, most importantly.  There is a lot to be said about physical activity when you are stressed, I know, I know, not like it hasnt been said before.  But sometimes just getting up off your duff is near impossible.

From the e-mails I received, it appears that the kids will join us for mother’s day brunch.  I am glad.  I dont know when I will get a chance to talk with my daughter about things.

I think I may try some other anti depressant.  The doctor mentioned Celebrex, I think.  I am scared to change but I would like more mood stability.  I feel too up and down still.  Hormone testing is Thursday, and I have optimistic feelings for that as well.

Today there is more yard work planned.  And a visit to the garden center for some supplies.  I always describe this as a good tired, since it comes from being so productive. 

I wish you a good day.

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  1. BeOptimistic 13 years ago

    Cymbalta, Celebrex, lol.  They both start with C.  (blond moment)

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