I put my mood as sad but im not just sad im angry and dissapointed, i want to scream. Why do things have to keep getting worse? Why do people have to keep hurting me? Im crying now, trying to stop. My mum and dad are suspicious. I made myself go out with a friend today, it was awkward, i didnt know what to say. You see all holiday, I have been asking one of my so called friends to come to my house and guess what, it shouldnt be a surprise to me by now but it still hurts, its still another tear through me, she had asked the girl i went the cinema with today to her house! I mean what? Argh. And she didnt even tell me she wasnt coming tomorrow. And something else, she asked to com yoga with me, i said sure then she starts another yoga class with my other so called mates and didnt ask me. See now im thinking maybe its not that bad. But then i think, wait a minute, how many times has this sort of thing happened? And the answer is A LOT. Sure its only little things but if u put them together, its a big thing. Of course i wont say anything to her, I will just pretend im fine, i will put on a fake smile for everyone to see and hide the crying, the pain. My mum was like well why dont u go that yoga ? And i was like i dont like yoga. But the truth is i do. It helps me relax, a little. But the reason i dont want to go is cause two other girls from school go who are nasty, well to me. I know i wrote a blog yesterday, but i have to let it out somewhere. Please, what would u do? x


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