Airheart and Florence

By: Qrow Damascus


Airheart and Florence had been best friends since age four. They would play together in the sand; they would braid each other’s hair, and play dress-up. Airheart was this beautiful, thin, blonde with fair, pale skin and hair like pure starlight. Florence was tomboy. She always wore canvas pants and her dad’s old army jacket; she had the most beautiful hair. It was brown the most amazing, natural golden highlights; it was as though you were staring at honey. When they entered High school Florence started having some unexpected feelings; while Airheart was boy nip, Florence was struggling to find a guy that caught her eye. No one fit the bill. Airheart, however, had a new boyfriend every month. Slowly Florence began to realize why she never had an interest in anyone. She realized that she was gay. She didn’t dare come out to anyone for fear of scrutiny, but she always wished that she could tell her best friend, Airheart. One day while sitting in class during their junior year, Airheart asked Florence, “Do you think I’m hott?” Florence, who had been crushing on Airheart for months now, responded with, “Why do you ask me? Wouldn’t your boyfriend be more inclined to respond with the most preferable answer?”

“Well… Ya, but he said that he thought I shouldn’t wear crop tips anymore because they don’t flatter me. Wouldn’t he only say that if he thought I was ugly?”

“Airheart, if he thinks that YOU of all people are ugly…, he NEEDS to get his eyes checked. So my answer is a resounding YES! Yes I think that you are hott. I think that you’re sexy as fuck. Hell if you weren’t straight I’d…” Florence stopped her sentence suddenly, and feeling utterly embarrassed, she put her good on and started to get up from her class. Airheart stopped her before she got up and asked, “If I weren’t straight what?” Florence sat back down but didn’t reply.


“Do you really want to know?” Florence asked.

“Yes. I want to know.”

”Ok. If you weren’t straight, and we weren’t in the middle of class, I would through you up against the wall and kiss your neck, then your chin, then I’d make out with you so hard your head would hurt from being pushed against the wall so hard. I would run my fingers through your hair vigorously with one hand, and with the other I would caress the area right where your head meets your neck with such a tender touch that you wouldn’t be able to hold back anymore.”, Florence said in the steamiest voice she could have possibly made. Airheart was speechless for a few minutes but when she finally regained her ability to speak she said, “Then maybe I should come over later so I won’t need to hold back.”


After school that day Airheart went over to Florence’s house and Florence’s parents wouldn’t be home for hours. SO instead of studying, as they did every day, when they got up to Florence’s room, Airheart sat on the bed and started to take her top off. Florence said, “What are you doing!?”

“I’m taking my top off.” Airheart said in a voice that made it seem like it was obvious what she wanted.

“Well yes, I can see that. But my question is why.”

“Well you said what you wanted to do to me so why not do it.”

“Because one, you have a boyfriend, and two I didn’t think that you liked me like that.”

“Look. I’ve never had o boyfriend last more than a month, and I know that you like me and I think I like you too. What you said earlier made me hot, like it turned me on. So… Let’s do it.”

“Are you sure? I mean I do like you, a lot, but I want you to 100% certain before we do anything I mean I don’t want you to do anything that you might regret because…” Airheart grabbed Florence by the face and kissed her right in the middle of her sentence. It was unexpected, but pleasant. “You talk too much.” said Airheart.

“Well than maybe we should stop talking.”

Airheart and Florence began a rough, passionate kiss. Florence delivered on every promise she had made earlier that day. She backed Airheart up against the wall with a thud and began to kiss her neck. While Florence kissed her neck, Airheart couldn’t help but moan a little, and it was raw and animal. Florence pulled at Airheart’s hair until her neck was tilted back far enough for her throat to be level with her chin. Working her way up to Airheart’s chin, Florence couldn’t help but think this was a dream. She had dreamed of this for months on end and was ecstatic that it was finally happening. As Airheart moaned again, Florence began to kiss Airheart’s mouth and began to poke her tongue into Airheart’s moth while caressing the nape of her neck until she heard that sweet, soft, animal moan of Airheart’s. Airheart began to grab at Florence’s shirt to pull it off until Florence herself couldn’t stand the barrier anymore and pulled it off herself. They moved themselves over to the bed and plopped down onto the soft mattress. They started to pull off each other’s pants and take off their bras. It was as though even the slightest bit of clothing was too much to bear. It was as though the separation of their skin for one more moment was agony. Then they heard the front door close and stopped suddenly. They got dressed as fast as they could realizing that Florence’s father came home early. They had just finished getting dressed when Mr. Rose walked into the room. He asked what they had been doing, and they answered biology then looked at each other with a longing glance wondering if they would ever get the chance again.




I might still make some changes, but tell me what you think.


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