1. I am a young bisexual girl. I only recently (about 3 months ago) really truly came out to myself, although I’ve been questioning for quite a while.
    My family is very forward thinking and definitely not homophobic— at least my immediate family is. I know I would be accepted if I were to come out… but for some reason I find myself hesitating whenever I have the perfect opportunity to tell my mom that I am bi. I am so so grateful that my family will be accepting when I come out, I just am struggling to do it now. However, I did come out to my sister. On accident.
    We were home alone for a few hours, my parents were working and my brother was at sports practice. I kept dropping not-so-subtle hints at my sexuality because o DO want my family to know I just find myself struggling to verbalize that. Her boyfriends birthday is coming up and she was making a gift for him while also complaining about a fight they had had previously. I said, “ this is why i don’t want to date dudes…” she asked if I was asexual in an almost joking way. I instinctively said “no I’m bisexual.”  She was obviously accepting and has other LGBT+ friends, so I didn’t doubt that she would be. But it was definitely not intended to go that way. Me and my sister aren’t even really that close. But she was the first person I came out to. I really want to come out to my mom but I also want to avoid an awkward conversation. Also, I’m struggling to verbalize my feelings. I am ready to come out I just don’t know how.
    and while I’m not scared of being discriminated against within my family, I am afraid of biphobia, like when boys don’t want to date bi’s because we also like girls. And while I am more attracted to girls, I also like boys and I might want to be in a relationship with one someday ( who knows maybe this will change). How can I casually come out to my parents and friends without them being awkward and acting different around me?

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