MMMM-boy!! That was good!! I just finished my double cheeseburger with no pickles and extra mustard.  I almost forgot how delicious they were.  I haven't had one since Monday. This is Friday.  I was on a three day fruit-flush diet.  My son has done it a couple of times, so Monday his wife asked me if I wanted to start Tuesday when she was going to do it.  Well, seeings how I have been concerned with my weight ever since I cured my depression and decided to live to 100, I couldn't say 'no'.And not only that, but if I am ever lucky enough to find a woman who will tolerate me, being a 'normal weight, will be one less thing she will complain about. So Tuesday we started.  every two hours, fruit. A medium banana, or two apples, or two handfuls of grapes.  Every two hours, til supper time.  Then a big salad and a piece of chicken. Wow!!! chicken never tasted so good!!!  Day two, same thing, 'cept no chicken for dinner, instead 8ozs of a protein drink ugh!  But by then, although I was still conscious, I didn't have the power to give-up and quit.  Sooo, chug-a-lug.  The third day, I did feel a little better, and it was the same as the second day. The second and the third day I still went to Minnehaha falls to do my steppin' although the second day it was very miserable, the third day, not bad…{Minnehaha falls is a park in Mpls.  where I go to run up the steps, not to get away from the muggers, and murderers, but to get away from the fat. I been doing it all summer. I try to do it 5 times a week. When I go there after midnight the raccoons are out.  One night earlier this summer I counted three families, as the babies were still friendly and there were three separate groups.} So anyhow, I'm sitting here in Burger King 7:15 am at the 'bloggers table' Looking out the window with the beautiful view of Lyndale ave. & 7th Street NW. Faribault Mn. They start the grill for hamburgers at 7am here for us 'burger-guys' who don't like the ham or sausage breakfast stuff, that is also more expensive, and that is something that 'this senior' is always concerned with…I suppose you're wondering how much weight I lost in three days, Well, I don't know, as I haven't weighed my self yet. "Bout three weeks ago, I was at 159, that was when I weighed their Great Dane puppy, that they got earlier this summer. I weighed myself, first, then picked her up and weighed us both, it wasn't easy, and the hardest part was bending over her to see the scale. 254lbs. She weighed 95 lbs. I don't think I could do that now, as she is much bigger and her bark is much much louder. Well I seem to be ramblin' on and after all, my double cheeseburger will soon be waking up my whole body, so …bye for now…the burger king blogger…… 

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  1. cutaia1 15 years ago
    I've been working out, and trying to eat healthy too. The other night i had to go eat something good with some flavor and fat in it. I feel deprived if I can't have any treats at all. Good luck on that fruit flush diet. Sounds kind of like it might make you have the runs.  
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