so its been a while since ive been on here but ive been working non stop and in my free time ive been trying to have as much fun as possible!! I promised myself this summer i wouldnt let my anxiety and stress prevent me from having fun i mean thats what summers all about right?? and i dont regret any of it im glad ive pushed myself to get out there and have fun with my friends and so far its been a great summer. But i still work full time mon thru friday i was working 2 jobs 6 days a week had to stop that it was getting a lil bit much but somethings been on my mind and i think its the reason i cant sleep to well these past few nights and to be honest its not the first time it really always comes back and puts me into one of those depressed moods. Im 22 years old and i know thats young but i feel like i should have more in my life like accomplished so much more this summer of pushing myself to get out more has made me see everything ive been missing. it feels like i have nothing to well i guess my exsitance idk thats how i feel like i should be in colledge trying to do great things with my life but im not and why is that?? i have no clue i feel like i make excuses or one thing after another prevents me from starting anything and see right there sounds like a excuse to me idk but yes so im up right now cant go to sleep have to work at 7:30 it should be a fun day tomorrow and i always feel super anxious when i dont get my rest blahhhhh!!!

well thanks for listen n well reading <3 u all!


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  1. dead 12 years ago

    well that\'s great you\'ve noticed it now all you got to do is to start doin something to give your life a sense of purpose but i totally understand life to me seems so meaningless i\'ve tried to do things like you know i\'ve been busting my a55 to learn to play guitar but i stopped practicing a long time ago cuz i was too depressed to do anything at all i came to realize that i have needs too that gotta be fulfilled also need to have some fun but there\'s something stopping from from doin them(i won\'t get into the details but you prolly know what I\'m talkin about)
    so for me my first priority should be doin something about that which i\'m trying so hard to do so ,atm even having a normal life is like an unattainable dream for me btw as i said you need to figure something it might be lil bit hard you might fail and get disappointed but never give up it\'s all good as long as you\'ve found the right direction all you need to do is to head forward.

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