I'm feeling a bit better. Just been up for over 24 hours though and I'm exhausted. Just thought I'd write a quick blog before I literally fall asleep at the keyboard again like I did a minute ago. LOL. It's just I've been in a strange, positive mood and feeling positive and whatnot so I haven't wanted to go to sleep and waste that good mood. So my insomnia kicks in and keeps me awake till I literally CRASH.. like I'm about to do in a minute.

Anyways, my husband was supposed to be home today. Unfortunately, his boss tells him that they unexpectedly have 2 machines that need to be installed in Texas this weekend, so off to TX he went and should be done with both machines by Thursday at the latest. (He thinks they'll be done sooner.) Then he'll fly home for whatever time he has left until Monday when he flies out to San Francisco for the trade show where they're demonstrating the demo machine for new customer prospects. He'll be there for like 5 days to a week then coming home for at LEAST a week or more. Who knows.. this company changes their plans at the drop of a hat and doesn't seem to have much consideration for their employees like Terry who 1) doesn't live where he's working in Long Island, 2) is never able to get paid on time because they don't do direct deposit and he's NEVER in NY when the pay period is up, they either send the check to the house and he has to wait till he gets home to sign and deposit it or pick it up from the office when he IS in NY, which means that he's been asking for a payday advance on his next check when he IS there so that he can have money to live on… 3) gets his entire life's schedule for the time he IS home turned upside down at the drop of a hat, also wasting money for THEM because they have to pay a ticket change fee… It's just inconsiderate. OH, yeah, and in this case, he was expecting to be away from home a lot because he has to travel for this job… however, almost 5 weeks away from home at a time is a LITTLE crazy.

So, that's that. I see my doc again this coming Monday, so we'll see if he changes any more meds. I really don't see the Prozac and Lamictal helping at all much anymore. Granted, I have had a great 2 days or so, bills paid, errands ran,,, but now I'm about ready to pass out asleep. G'nite DTers, HELLO dreamland!


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