I managed to bow into pressure and go out for dinner.

It was just my sister, mother, grandparents and myself. I ordered a thai chicken curry, and it was really very nice. Not too hot.

I didn't really have a good time. I mean yeah the meal was nice, but I still would have ratherd stay at home. I felt incredibly guilty about not paying for anything, though no one asked. I think they were wanting me to pay, but I honestly only have $10 to my name until next friday.

MUM got a call from my father not long ago, asking if we (being mum and myself) were going to be home around 10am tomorrow morning, as he wants to see my for my birthday. I'm thinking.. well shouldn't he have asked ME rather than mum? Maybe I'm just being picky i'm not sure.i'm really REALLY not looking forward to that, and to make things even more interesting, I'm not usually awake at 10am, being that I stay up late on the net. So maybe i'll still be asleep when he arrives, and I wont have to see him. That would be the best start to the day possible. Knowing him, he would have got my step sister (whom he see's more than myself, and is my age) to pick out something that she thinks I would like. This is what he does normally. I guess it really shows how much he knows about me huh? can't even pick out a birthday present. That upsets me. LIke I'm sure he likes his new step daughter alot more than me. I'm not jealous. I actually think my step sister is very sweet, and we get along really well, I just wish that sometimes he would make more of an effort. But then again, there is a part of me that wishes he would just simply dissapear.

Nan and pop gove me a present early.. An electric blanket. I'm glad. I put it on my bed straight away. Being that winter is coming, This is definatly going to come in handy.



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