Today is just a weird day. I don’t know why I am not in a better mood. Yesterday was a great day. I slept well last night. I even had positive dreams that made me want to reach out to someone in particular. I have made so much progress in recognizing what things can trigger my mood to not be so good and engaging in self care that a day like today is a little frustrating. What I take away from it is just a reminder that my depression is a real thing and it take time to truly beat it. It’s not a terrible day, but just a little annoying that I don’t feel better than I do. Oh well, at least the weather is good and so I am going to spend the rest of that day out side and also go to this spot near the lake to let the water reflect the sunshine on me.  Hope everyone is doing ok. And if you are not doing ok, that is ok also. Peace

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  1. empathwithnarcmom 2 years ago

    Good Morning!!! I hope you find something positive today and hold on to it. I will try to do the same 🙂

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