there is four poems all wrote in a different colour to save confusion lol here they are….



i hold my baby boy

so lifeless in my arms

i kiss his frozen lips

and send him outta the eyes of harm


i send him up to heaven

where he can run and play

but still i shed those tears

each and every day


hes up on the bridge

healthy and free

but i still cant help wishing

he was here with me


kenzo mummy loves you

this world is too cold alone

but now mummys stupidity

means you can never come home


im so sorry baby boy






dad please hold my hand

and guide me through the night

please dad keep me safe

am i gonna be alright?


my worlds came crashing down

my lifes come to an end

yet i am still breathing

i hate having to pretend


im lying to the world

and im lying to myself

i know my heads a mess

and im not in the best health


but these people are against me

they want me locked away

please dad dont go and leave me

come back here and stay


i'll look after you better

i will stop all those flames

but dad i need you right here

coz my head is playing games








im holding onto nothing

because your both dead and gone

now without my baby nor my dad

explain to me how im meant to go on


no-one seems to understand

or realise my pain

because now your gone im all alone

and nothing is the same


sure i have my mum

my family and my pets

but without you by my side

im also full of regrets


dad i should have saved you

or sat by your hospital bed

i should have held your hand when you went

i love you dad but i should have said











im numb and im frozen

im chilled to the bone

im sat here and im realising

im totally on my own


my mum doesnt love me

the family dont care

friends are being awkward

and my dad…well it just isnt fair


all i have is memories

and what good are they

are they gonna hug me when im down

i love you will they say


are they gonna comfort me

when i need a dad

are they gonna make everything better

when im lonely and sad


NO! so theyre not gonna heal me

theyll never stop the pain

theyll never make me smile

nor bring you back again


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