How can I feel so alone in a family of 5? I've been going through a rough patch with my anxiety lately, it's been a few weeks and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. I'm angry most of the time and when I'm not, I'm sad. I've been telling my husband everyday that I need a shoulder to cry on and someone to talk to. We haven't been getting along too well lately and I'm sure that contributes to my anxiety. I look forward to spending time with him everyday, the only time we have together is after all the kids are sleeping, and everyday he finds something else to do. I feel so alone. I'm agoraphobic and I have 2 drs appointments this week so of course I'm stressed about that, the kids have been in over-drive, the anniversary of my fathers passing is coming up, it's all just building up. Tonight I was crying and he asked what was wrong, I told him everything that's going in my head and asked him if he could just support me. He listened (with his eyes closed) but didn't give me any feedback (my husband also suffers from ptsd and anxiety so you'd think he would be more simpathetic) As I type this he's lying next to me sleeping, I asked him to please talk to me, told him I needed his support and asked him how he can expect us to be close when I have to turn to strangers for support, he went to sleep anyway. I don't know what to do, we're growing apart and I know it. He on the other hand thinks everything's fine. He's snoring now and all I can think about is how many nights I stayed awake and helped him through whatever was going through. Oh well, it is what it is I guess. Oh yeah, our 7 yr anniversary is in 12 days and he has no idea ( I only know because I do the budget and all the money is accounted for) Thanks for listening to all who read this- Kelley

  1. Qnstph2011 10 years ago

    your not alone our 7 year anniversary is coming up Nov. 1st and i feel so alone also. Long story i have a hard time putting my thoughts in blogs for some reason, but i completely understand what your going threw.Anyways try to stay positive even tho i know its easier said than done. 🙂

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  2. maybecrazy 10 years ago

    Im so sorry your fealing alone. If your husband is upset with you because your anxiety, you cannot blame yourself. Its not like you asked for this disorder, in fact im sure you ask for it to go away. I know my anxiety causes a lot of conflict, but my family always forgives me because they love me, and Im sure he loves you too. I am angoraphobic as well, like I told you before. If you are afraid to leave the house or to be in the car, bring a bag with you that has some \”safe idems\” in it. These can be anything from a book, or a note pad and a pen to a stress ball or a magazine. I carry my \”safe bag\” with me everywhere. And, I dont know if it will help you but it helps me, to remind yourself that being out is safer than being at home because you are closer to a hospital if heaven forbid you need some doctors help. That always makes me feal better! I hope your doctors appt goes well. You can always message me if you need any more tips for leaving the house, believe me I know them all! Ill be praying for you! Dont stop fighting, you are strong!

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