Hi Everyone! The last time i was here I was really struggling with the symptoms then the medication and side effects. I never thought that it would happen but here I am still working and now working with my clients on their OCD symptoms of course many suspect my OCD but don't know for sure.

I have been truly blessed. I may have OCD and have had it all my life but it has allowed me to remember details that have helped me through life as well as really impressed some people. I can writer a hell of a good mental status assessment in great detail and hell yes, i truly can acknowledge that I see my clients from another perspective.

My symptoms are calmer now and i live with them in peace and acceptance, although sometimes annoying i ca laugh at them and say "there I go OCD ing again" I have been open with people about it, includig those at work, except for the client''s. This was a difficult decission for me, however, i felt that for me the secret gave the ocd power and I have really covered for 13 years very well. I also think it was amusing to see the look on peoples face when they realized they had missed it. It has opened the door to people understanding the illness better and assisting clients who have these symptom.

I have a great kid, who I hope never experiences this, however if he does…. which he won't….. but if… he has learned some great compulsions and covers for those compulsions.

I am proud of how far I have come. I was humbled by my fall, because it forced me to relize i needed to make myself a priority…

Thank you to all those who gave me advice and support and for all you newbies, hang in there. Read, and educate yourself, think outside the box, and learn to make your enemy your friend….. above all else have a sense of humour about it all


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