I’m getting rather upset at work a lot lately.I’m not sure what it is, but I do notice that it doesn’t take much for my manager and/or coworkers to get under my skin. My manager often acts inappropriately at work, but the ‘higher ups’ just state “that’s the way she is” or “she’s like that”.I don’t really much appreciate it.I do my best to stay calm, but it often leads to me concentrating so hard on it that I zone out of everything around me.I don’t like being angry, I never have.I’ve tried asking for time off the past three weeks but so far I’ve been turned down repeatedly.Usually someone else has a day off, or a meeting to go to, or vending to do, and since I’m often the one left alone in the department (or most of the day with just my manager and me) no one will let me take time off because they don’t want to take time out of their days to cover for me.

Originally, I wanted a day off to go with my BF who was heading out of town for the day.I was turned down for that because it was too last minute. Fair enough.I asked for either a Mon.-Tues.-Wed. off or Wed.-Thurs.-Fri. off in the next couple of weeks so I could go out of state and help my parents empty their house.I was told next week was the “big vending” so no one could cover me, the following week my manager had a meeting out of town on Monday and Wednesday so no one could cover for me AND her, and the week after that was “big vending” again.I asked for the week following THAT and I was told that’s too far ahead for them to set anything in stone.

At this rate, I just want to forget about helping my parents and try to get time off to unwind! I’m so irritable every day!


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