Ummmmmmmmm, a picture of the light of my life. The only one i can say never deliberately causes me pain, stress, or undue hardship……….. decidingly sentimental on my life today. My son is still in his placement facility, and i miss him so much, and noone else in the family is writing to him or visiting him or anything. Just on the phone once a week. I visit him once a month, which is all i can afford due to the distance away, 4 hours, i write him once a week, and talk to him on the phone usually twice a week. Some of the things coming out in therapy are so upsetting, and i cannot demand reaction from the guilty parties until his counselor states that it is ok, which makes my blood boil. One of my bestest friends in the whole world is going into rehab for alcohol tomorrow afternoon, and he is depressed and thinks he can do it himself since he has not had a drink since Monday, but…………. the counselor says that he should go and they will help him with a place and applying for SSI for his COPD too, so he has agreed to go for two weeks……….. my husband just had his teeth all pulled out, so he is in pain and is a total grouch, which is understandable, along with his heart condition, and complaining about not feeling good, etc. etc., and i think my daughter is hitting her terrible twos early!!!! My Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is getting better due to the medication, but……….. my anger management seems to be a bit worse, not that i hit anyone, just get so fed up with it all and tired of all the bullshit, and its noone’s fault either…………………… just venting, sorry been so long since i have talked to anyone, kinda got my plate full, going to therapy four days a week three hours a day Mon thru Wed, and all day Thurs., gettin use to the fact that they upped my Klonipin too…………ahhhhhhhhhhhhh so is life i suppose………. i need a vacation from my brain


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