I've been trying to take care of myself but now my boyfriend is dragging me down again. How can two people with mental health issues be in a relationship together? Just when I try to pick myself up, he drags me back down and I imagine I do the same for him.

I cleaned my room yesterday. It isn't perfect but I got a lot of crap cleared away. I knitted for a little bit, too. I now have 1/20th of a scarf. xD

I got up today, played WoW for only one hour, and then just as I was about to shower and start my day, my boyfriend began having "trouble".

Him: Not feeling well i need to eat 🙁 waiting til we get there
Me: You will be fine, brb I need to shower okay baby?
Me: DId you just call me?
Him: Yes
Me: sorry brushing my teeth, try again

[conversation about him being hungry, dizzy, and lightheaded followed by more texting after a disconnect]

Him: Sorry i feel so embarassed
Me: Why?
brb I really need to shower, I have a lot to do and I haven't even started 🙁
*after shower* You there?
Him: Yeah i am i ate but still feel loopy but ill recover i just want to cry
Me: [Name] you should be able to go out in public without wanting to cry all the time 🙁
Him: I know i just had a bad dizzy attack probably low blood sugar
Me: [Name] being dizzy isn't the end of the world 🙁
Him: I felt like i was going to die 🙁 this is the worst attack in months
Me: [Name] you don't die from being dizzy 🙁
Him: I know but i felt terrible and still do my sisters driving doesnu help :))
Me: But I need to do work 🙁
I have no food 🙁
It's 5:00 and you are always upset 🙁
And I have so much to do :((
Him: Go work youre more important
Me: Now I'm in a bad mood 🙁
Him: Baby go work and eat

He told me to go ahead and go but now my mood is shot all to hell and back. It's cold out, it's after 5:00, it's getting dark, and I have a shitload to do. Why do I even bother planning any fucking thing out? Why do I make a list of shit I need to do when I know he'll come running over like an overgrown child and throw himself into my carefully laid out brick castle?


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