I was having an ok day and yesturday was pretty ok too, but all that seemed to disappear when my boyfriend's stalker came into the picture again today. I'm trying really hard to ignore it all because he's not doing anything to get rid of her so I figure that unless she talks to me herself and threatens me or whatever then I'll just let him deal with it since he doesn't seem to be making any effort to get rid of her. What I don't get is that when she contacts him night and day he gets antsy and whenever she says things that are just really out there then he expresses his concern to me, and I tell him that he needs to just put his foot down and say that she needs to back off and crap, but he doesn't. He just tries to ignore her and avoid her for a day or two and then he goes back to usual. Like last night, we were having a good evening and then he noticed that she had contacted him over 30 times in 3 and a half hours and it all ranged from "Hi baby, how are you?" all the way to "Why are you doing this to me! I love you, why don't you love me!" So I told him to just ignore her, but if he had to contact her then just say that she needs to leave him alone. Instead he contacted her because she says that she cuts herself and is suicidal, so he stayed up talking to her until 5am and then got some sleep because he had to go to work. He says that he feels sorry for her and he wants to help her, and I don't know if I'm just being extremely cold hearted and what-not, but the way I see it, he needs to tell her to go get help and leave him alone, or just completely cut all ties with her and no matter what she says or does keep ignoring her. Am I being a bit cold hearted about the situation?

That's one thing that kind of gets me about my boyfriend. He's either a complete and total asshole who doesn't care about anyone, or he's a bleeding heart for everyone. But whatever, it's his problem, I think I'll just stay out of it as much as possible and if she tries anything then I'll get involved.

But anyways, last night my boyfriend took me to the movies. I finally got to see Eclipse, I enjoyed the movie just not the people in the thearter. I gave him an option of us seeing Predators or Socerer's Aprentiance, but he stuck to Eclipse since he had been promising to take me for the past 4 months. I knew what I was getting into because right behind us there was a group of 13 teenage and pre-teen girls all talking and giggling and just really excited. So we got the tickets for Eclipse and right when we entered the movie I couldn't help but laugh, my boyfriend was the only guy at that movie, it was so funny. And the seats were pretty much all filled up, I was laughing so hard. But then another guy came into the movie, it was the chaperone to the 13 girls behind us, and they had met up with 10 other girls already seated. Needless to say the entire movie I was just praying that the girls would keep quiet; even though there were a few times when they'd start going "OOOOO!!!" and giggle whenever they saw someone with their shirt off or when people kissed. But I enjoyed it, even though I'm pretty sure my boyfriend wished that he would have gotten another ticket, but surprisingly he stayed through the whole movie with me and had his arm wrapped around me most of the movie, it was nice.

What sucks though is that he had some TacoBell today and now he has food poisoning, so that sucks, especially since that's his favorite food, but oh well. I'm just making sure he drinks tons of water and all those fun things.

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  1. snowdreamer 11 years ago

    I'm glad you had such a good time at the movies and it was just you and him.  Sorry about the teens behind you but you already know how they are 🙂  I wish this other woman would please leave you all alone and yes she needs to get help somewhere besides your boyfriend and he does need to tell her in no uncertain terms to please leave him alone it's only feeling the fire with him talking to her.  No you are not being cold hearted either.

    I hope he gets over the food poisoning quickly I know how awful that can be!

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