[b]Darling Medication[/b]
She’s a complicated candy
Her and her despondent rouge
I’ve been that sinking ship
the wreckage off shore
that omissible dragnet of conceit and despair
not from anyone else,
just from me and my heart
I shall strive in front of those who will always depart
they left in short sharp stages… I breathe slower and harder
I don’t want what you gave, if it means I owe you anything
shells are for listening too
as they sweet in with the tide
and outrageously contort
or did you forget that when you drained the liquor
the cabinet I will admit was me
I was not something that would look human
to you—to me, not from the form that I shelled in
that without a malice I would thrive in
taking hold of the beast in you and let it become—
me—a piss on my memory if I ever asked
let it scatter—this deformed idol of a bounty
replace a ghoul with a hasten breath
down wind my love
catch our gold way—way down love
too far down

but it’s been so long
I hardly know
what you can do for me
the life you speak of,
is one that fills past my years
you guttered rouge
shake me from my noose
let me gasp—
wait just a little
till I fall for you.
but I want to have it
have the unspoken rule
have and want within reason
I want to remember how to live
I want to smell your body
hold your heat in my arms
everyone does
everyone needs love

I feel kisses on my neck
like darts into my heart
the loneliness of my room
can’t take another night
alone and no-ones coming home
no-one warming their feet on you
I miss sharing your pillow
steel sheets tucking in
with the daylight shut out
all night

I’m ready to start teasing again
slip into a giants arms and feel
safe, learn to trust,

you have to try
please just try a little harder
and at the risk of moving me
do it sooner than later
if I give my breath
let me breathe a little louder

given the breath intake and hold
suckle it for as long as you can
you will judge those in your reach
they will judge you from far away
I can’t show anything but the here
and now doesn’t come as any surprise
If we leave this here and return
we might just be satisfied…

let the liquid run wild
let the worries die
sink the pain and
you can see me fall

let the liquid run wild
and saying to HELL with it,
sniff at the spring moon and scream
fear not life can be better…

before the bare arms get to cry
before another lover leaves my side
fear not we have our blessings

as the loneliness sits
well within my heart
I remember the many gifts
fear not give me night my keeper
winch my humble charter
spill a little of ole hungered spleen
take a sail with the dead my friend
she and her butchered neck
with blackened sails
they will call her Marie Antoinette
[b]©Kiselizch 2007[/b]


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