I am upset and mad right now. Both for different things…. So I finally got a library pass for study hall and this time I really needed it to do my english. Guess where my English binder is! At home! That had all the things that I needed in it to do my homework. Without it I can't do the homework right now so I'll have to do it tonight on my mothers computer and who knows if I'll finish!! UGH!!! It makes me so f-ing mad!!

So I'm upset because of something that happened last night that I'm still steamimg over… So last night it was just me and my mother's boyfriend because my mother was at the hospital visiting my great grandma. She's doing pretty bad… Well they both are (I'm refering to both my great grandma and great grandpa). They both are over 90 and doing really bad. They both look really fragile and old… My great grandpa had broncitise (i think.. had something to do with the lungs)just a week or so ago. My great grandma's got a yeast infection (i think… that sounds right…). And they are both just doing really bad. They are being moved into a home with those nurses that can help them which is really good. The whole family has been begging them to do so but they haven't because of my grandma (that's another story…). Anyways, got off topic. So I came out of my room for once and was sort of talking to my mother's boyfriend and my boyfriend texted me. And he was like "is that someone cool?" (inside joke) and I was like "yeah, he'ssuper cool." The out of no where he asked if he was white. So I was yeah but then asked why it mattered. Then he said something along the lines of god didn't create man (and women) to mix races….. Then he proceeded to say that it was in the bible and everything (which I have to admit it is. A couple verses say that races should not mix.) but that really wasn't the whole point of that. Because isn't it in God's nature to forgive you for your sins (that is if 'mixing races' was a sin which, to me, it is not). So that makes the whole entire concept of 'mixing races' mute because in the end he is suppose to forgive your for your sins.

I guess what made me really mad though was because I've dated other races besides my own. One of the first REAL boyfriends I've had was black. And we dated for like the whole school year (it was off and on but still). He was the first person that I loved (I still do but more as a friend love). So it was like he was telling me things that I've done in the past and things that I might do in the future are all wrong… And that p*ssed me off! I mean I get that everyone has their own opinions and own beliefs but that doesn't mean that you should voice then at any givin' time. Do that with people that you know share the same view as you do…. It just… it made me mad… (kind of like he's veiw on gay people but that is also a different story at a different time.)

I should go before I get really mad and explode or something (lol). Wish me luck with the homework and thank you for reading my blog… (I just did a quiet sneeze… lolz. I never do that! Sorry, that was random…) Bye!

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  1. momhurts 9 years ago

    Wow, I'd be pissed too.  I thought God was the judge and the decider, I better watch out for your boyfriend if he's the new judge. 

    Yeah the bible has good ideas, but the bible is still a 2000+ year old document of parables, that has been interpreted, and re-interpreted, and re-interpreted over those many years.  Add in some common sense when reading, and remember, we're not the judges here.

    The main idea, in case he missed it, is to love, and be good to people.  Pretty simple and easy, really.

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