Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. I never realize how filthy this place is until I start cleaning. Today is the works. I've done the toilets, gathered trash, started laundry. Hubby even helped me a bit by taking out the trash and sweeping the floors. Still more to do, but a break is needed.

The one good thing about cleaning this Sunday is knowing that tomorrow I can do whatever I want and have fun because I'm not working. I love three day weekends. I hate that I normally don't get them like everyone else tho unless I mention that it is indeed a holiday. My boss works 24/7. She will actually tell me when she's taking time off on a weekend to spend time with her kids. Meanwhile, I'm doing my best to never be available on a weekend. I know that is bad, but I need a break! I need to just sit and veg out. Or clean. I'm always too tired to do anything but cook supper and do dishes on a weeknight.

I don't think that's strange tho. I don't want my whole life to be about work. Sure, it's fun sometimes and it's the field I want to be in, but I want my life to be so much more. I know I probably won't ever have children, but I don't want to be so caught up in work that it's never a possibility like with adoption or suragacy. I also want to spend quality time with the hubby, playing video games, talking, playing cards, or… well you know. I don't want to be stuck to this computer all day every day with my greatest accomplishment being "oh I went out for coffee yesterday. I took ten minutes off work to do it. I'm so proud of me."

ugh. ramble over.


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