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my name is kortney wright im 16 and i came from a family where they did care but not enough to where they will quit doing drugs and alchahol and i had to raise my brothers and because of my  life i suffer from anxiety and depression, im still struggling every day and the last few days i havnt had my meds and idk what to do but enough of that even with all my problems i struggle with im still here for everyone so if you need me im here dont hessitate. my mom and dad are drug addicts and alchaholics and i was even getting into some bad stuff until i wasnt i left all that moved to a diffrent state im in school again and i have ok grades but overall i still struggle ik some people have it worse but that is my story and i want to let everyone know that if they need anything and i mean anything dont think i wont be here because im here no matter  what im on here everyday after school so just send me a message what is your struggle tell me i will try and give you the best advice i can im always her through worse or good times please please let me help you with what i go thriugh i dont want anyone else to go through it  its rough it really is inow have people who are there for me and family who has taken me in and i am so greatfull for everything they have done for me so now that you know about me lets here about  you, come on dont be shy trust me im shy to,, i want to be able to help people maybe it will help me as much as i can help you. well thank ypu for letting , me rant see you tomorrow


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