A few days ago I made a card that says my preferred pronouns on the front. On the back, it says I am a Genderqueer polysexual, that I would really like a binder and I want her to ask before calling me anything girly. She read it… but she hasn’t even hinted to anything on it. She hasn’t used my preferred pronouns or asked before calling me girly names. Although I have never had a big chest I never liked my chest. Also, yes I have dysphoria I just have top dysphoria. I do kinda want something different down there but not much different. I don’t really like periods or pregnancy but I can live with it. But anyway, I kinda feel that my mom thinks if she doesn’t talk about it, it will just disappear. Kinda like she did with my depression and anxiety. I’m just glad that I was finally able to officially come out. I really hope she comes around cause she is the only person in my family that I have told.

I will update when one of us finally talks about it.

EDIT: She gave me a compression sports bra. But, she still hasn’t really said anything. I brought it up to her and she said that she is trying. I also told her about this place and how it kinda works as my support group. She kinda just laughed when I told her. She also told me that all of this is new and she needs time and help to understand.


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  1. parkerr 3 years ago

    Sounds like she isn’t putting in the effort to talk to you about it. Maybe bring it up again? Make it a serious point that you want her to help you and that you’re being serious and you want help.

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