When the hopes are shattered, heart is broken, and pain becomes unbearable, getting lost in abyss to end it all seems the only option. But here are ten reasons to postpone your personified judgment day:

1. It gets better with time. It’s unbearably painful at this hour. But it gets better with time. It always does. Give time a chance.

2. You are not alone. You may not fit with people around you. But there is a whole community of millions of people who are like you and fit with you.

3. There are things you haven’t experienced yet. Movies to watch, games and sports to enjoy, watch, or play, music to listen, cuisines to taste, jokes to laugh at, people to meet, celebrities to take autograph from, fantasies to fulfill, getting wild in bed with someone (if you haven’t already 😀 ), books to read (or write!), make little adorable babies (if you haven’t already 🙂 ), puzzles to solve, challenges to fulfill, and many more.

4. Set example for others. Every time you stop yourself from cutting yourself, or taking an overdose, or jumping from a building, you set an example for others. Your secret struggle might inspire many others. But for that you have to fight.

5. There are people who love you. They may not be around you now, but they would be. Someday. Somewhere. Too many of them. They exist for real.

6. It’s not your fault. It’s those chemicals. Remember, the imbalance of chemicals in your brain. Make that appointment with your counselor, or therapist, or psychiatrist. Say this to yourself – I’ve gotta fix the damn chemicals. Gotta fix ‘em first. Gotta fix ‘em. Gotta fix ‘em.

7. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Your lover or soulmate dumped you. Your crush rejected you. Your children misbehaved. You lost your job. You are broke. You have no friends. You acted like a fool. You failed in exam. You are alone. Yeah, big deal. Let's go jump from Eiffel tower. Seriously? Come on. Don’t blame yourself. Sh*t happens. That’s life. Rise above the order of the world.

8. Being a phoenix sounds cool. What's the mystical property of this fantastic bird? Of course you know. They are reborn from the ashes. If you fight it off, you get to call yourself a phoenix (or something more fantastic and cool). Emerge stronger, and you will garner more respect and love from others.

9. Purpose of life. Are you sure that struggling or enduring was your only purpose? Are you sure it was not enjoying life? It’s a long life ahead. You can do something meaningful. Life is full of possibilities. Who knows what fortune awaits us if we survive? If you are depressed, it’s certain that your mind has some covert potential. Use it.

10. Your own reason. You must have at least one reason to live. If you don’t have one, invent one. You must.


  1. momhurts 10 years ago

    Thank you for posting this.  I like it a LOT.

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  2. LoksAgostinelle 10 years ago

    @momhurts: Thanks. I wrote it thinking that somebody might be in need of it. 🙂

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  3. ancientgeekcrone 10 years ago

    If these are originally yours, you are indeed a very wise young man. If you found these in a book and have been instructed by them, you are an even wiser man since you found good teaching.

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  4. LoksAgostinelle 10 years ago

    @ancientgreekcrone. The words are mine and original. Thank you. 🙂

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