I am so frustrated and hurt by my wife. I am going to college full time and getting my degrees done (with getting my first one of the series this summer). My wife decided to take a class this fall semester also. It is an lower level algebra course. She borrowed money from her work through their education program, which she has to achieve a C or better or have to pay the loan back in full. She does have a slight learning disability, which I told her she needs to go to the college and let them know. Then they can work with her on the issue. Which she never did so. I'm going full and a half time which one of my courses is another calculus class which I need for my degree. I ended up helping her so much with her one class that my own grades suffered this semester taking me from almost a perfect 4.0 to a pretty much a B average GPA (so killed my GPA that I worked on for years!). Then she never went in to take her proctored tests which I told her many times that she has to even if she fails the test so statistically will earn enough points. But she never did and the time has passed to take them! Now even if she gets perfect scores on rest of her assignments she still will have a 65%. So now we will have to come up with $850 out of the blue to pay her work back or it will be taken from her paycheck in full, which will kill all of our funds for paying our bills. We are living off her money since I'm a full time student, taking care of our child and doing unpaid internship related work for my degree. Then when I point this out, she yells at me like it is my fault she flunked the class then slams the door on me! I just don't know what to do and now so shaken up. And I still have tons of homework, tests and finials to take this weekend!


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