My dad is verbally harrassing me today. It's getting on my nerves because I've done nothing to attract his attention today. Me and my mom were just talking and he butted in saying "You will do what your mom tells you to do." I ignored him and just kept talking to her. Right after that he said if I ever catch you turning the heater up to 80 again you'll be looking for a new place to live. I don't touch the thermostat on the heater ever. When I get cold I put on layers, get under the blankets, or just shiver. I told him he needed to talk to his son, my brother about the heater because we all know it is him BUT does he care? No, he still said that it was all my fault. Now I have to do everyone's chores just because my siblings who are supposed to be grown up want to come up with some kind of stupid excuse that prevents them from doing anything. I'm so frustrated and angry right now, I just had to immediately vent on here before I could run off and put up with more of this B.S.

Oh well, if anyone is like me and wants to vent about someone harrassing them go ahead. I don't mind. *sigh* I just wish it would all end and people will just man up and do what they are supposed to do without giving others a hard time. Once it is all done and over with then you can go back to whatever you were doing. grrrr! What frustrates me more is that they call me lazy when they are in fact the ones who never do anything. Still I should go before my dad starts yelling because I'm not cleaning his house fast enough.

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  1. cesarsghost 11 years ago

    welcome to  my world.

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