Think about the common themesofany heroic type movie you have seen; and then bring your focus on themes to your favorite movie of this type.

Or your favorite book, if action-type Hollywood fare isn't your thing.

The hero/ine of those stories and events always suffers to get his prize. That is precisely why it appeals to us – even against overwhelming odds we already know – they all end almost always the same way – s/he will over-come, prevail, triumph and get what is rightfully theirs.

But is it this simple for the hero/ine?

We already know the hero/ine will make it – Most often the hero/ine does not.

There is always a cost. When watching the movie the hero loses something that we – as an audience and thus outside, objectiveobservers – tend to either dismiss as "worth the trade" or lament for the hero/ine, but see it as inevitable and thus an o.k. part of the process.

The hero/ine of the movie doesn't always see that.

Movies tend to gloss over the emotion(ally thick and thus complicated) parts of the relationshipsand to a lesser extent in books. The highlighted peaks and darkest depths are what make a movie and book… all the complicated middle stuff is left out, or mentioned in passing – as if it didn't matter.

But that middle stuff is EXACTLY what made the hero/ine what they are. Real life builds a hero/ine – not imagination.

So no matter what – and I realy mean NO MATTER WHAT – you have had to do to survive; drugs, prostitution; lying, stealing; being violent, withdrawing…. literally ANYTHING that got you to this moment in your movie has helpped to provide the depth you need to help you determine what your next steps are.

The knocks and bruises that life has given you – the humiliations and set-backs you have endured…. all these could – if you choose – serve an incredibly valuable purpose:

The hero/ine of the story – of the movie – is usually kicked and beat down… and then is often kicked again while s/he's down. After enough crap has been piled on their shoulders they stand up and say:

NO MORE! This is my life. You ARE NOT going to dictate how I live it.

And then they gather up what they need for the fight – they prepare…..

And then they start kickin' ass.

Then there's the "tradgedy" type movies…..

you're writing your own script every day, moment by moment.

You pick the movie type any time at all you want to… me? I'm aimin' at a block-buster.

This is not advice to grab a gunlike Stalone, Willis, or any of the others. It is not at all a shout-out to violence. Often the Hero/ine of a movie is fighting to walk again after a back-injury; trying to overcome alcoholism; Beat the rival foot-ball team; or any of a thousand other challanges – but these movies – like the bang-bang shoot 'em ups, all follow the same themes…. and so does life.

Remember – the hero/ine ALWAYS has or finds a confidant/teacher/sensi to help guide them through what they must face.

Find one. If – in the movies – one isn't already present or shows up on their own then that is ALWAYS the first part of the quest. But in nearly every movie and story, the sensi is either there already, or shows up all on their own. Decide you are going to prepare and I can almost gaurentee one will show up.

Put on a kick-ass soundtrack… stand up, stretch – let the build up of music reverberate to your toes.


It's a movie – enjoy it.


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