Okay so its been a couple of weeks since I have left a blog behind and I'm bored stupid at work so I thought I would write something today. I live in AZ and the weather is very werid today..cold, windy and looks like we might get rain. Living in the desert anytime its not blue skies and intense sun we are like, what is going on? ha..what desert rats we are.

In my quest to find ways of dealing with my depression I have added yet another supplement to my line up. I currently do OMEGA 3s and Complex Bs. A couple of weeks ago I thought I was seriously going crazy. As bad as my depression has been and the thoughts of killing myself or cutting myself I had NEVER felt what I was feeling. It felt like my insides had shattered and fallen down into my feet. When I saw my therapist she had me take some clear drops in a very tiny amount. In about an hours' time I felt so much more calm and able to deal with life again. She told me that while the name of drops indicates for female use only there are no horomones in it so men could use it as well. The manufactor is Nova and the name of it is PMS. The reason in my using it is to address my anger, frustration and over-whelming saddness. I can tell you that it helped!! You can take it 3 times a day or as needed. I had been taking YAZ birth control but stopped doing that kind because it wasn't helping me with my emotional stuff as it said it would. I'm going to step up my physical activity to see that will help me plus I feel absolutely FAT!!

Anyways…thank you for reading my blog for this week. I hope you are feeling balanced and remember to practice being a witness and not a judge with yourself and others.


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