The top 4 freshest interior design trends of 2015

Looking to spruce up your home with the hottest interior design trends of 2015? Here are some ideas to help get you started.

Use gray as your new neutral

First of all, you should know that white is no longer the go-to, automatic neutral color. Today’s designers and homeowners are favoring gray, especially grays with warm undertones. It brings an undercurrent of color to a room without being overt and makes a more interesting look than the same old standby of off-white we’ve been using for years.

Try the “collected look”

Another trend you’ll be relieved to hear about: matching is not necessary. This trend has been developing for a while and it continues in full swing in 2015. Anything too matchy-match looks overdone, busy, and visually unappealing. Jane Wlezien, the designer manager of Eleni Interiors in Naperville, said, “The ‘collected look’ is really big now.” So don’t worry that your furniture doesn’t match. You’re being fashionable!

Instead of making your home look like the showroom floor of a furniture store, the collector trend encourages adding eclectic design features that infuse your personality into the room. It gives you the opportunity to be creative (the DIY trend is big too, after all) and makes it easy to combine repurposed or recycled furniture from the thrift store with your grandmother’s armoire, with a modern headboard.

Accent architectural design features

A great way to make your home’s features stand out is by highlighting them with accent colors. High ceilings are begging to be accented, so consider painting moldings or even the ceilings themselves a different color than the walls. It adds visual interest and draws the eye upward, which adds visual height to the room. An idea suggested by the Illinois-based Daily Herald was, “You might see a paint stripe on the wall that continues on the ceiling.” After all, the ceiling is often considered the “fifth wall,” these days.

Try new finishes to your walls

See about adding texture to your rooms with new patterns. For instance, use several wood patterns and materials, rather than just one. Panel molding makes a great custom look and it’s a design detail Wlezien used in designing a recent home. They installed the panel molding in the living room. “There’s so much texture and interest to the wall that we didn’t add any artwork,” said Wlezien. “This kind of wall treatment is a very current look.”

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