I've been trying for the past few months to get my grandma's will (from my biological dad's side). I've been told numerous times that she left everything to me and that my biological father was only supposed to keep a hold of everything until I turned 18. I'm turning 21 this year and within the past 2 years or so I've taken what I like to call some final steps in the right direction. I don't have any contact with him anymore (I haven't for god knows how many years) and I feel like getting my grandma's will from him is one of the final steps. It will show that he doesn't have any control or power over me anymore.

My grandma died my freshman year in highschool and my biological father took the will (along with all just about everything she owned) with him. When I turned 18 the will "mysteriously" vanished and he said that he had lost it
(no copies were ever made). I had asked my mom to ask him about the will since they are talking a bit now and he said that he's had it all this time and currently has it. I asked for it to be sent to me, I offered to pay for it to be overnighted, and I never got a response back. I am constantly asing about it and all I'm getting in response from my mom is "why the sudden interest in your grandma's will?"

I understand why she would be curious, but I've told her the same thing for the past few months and asked for her help in getting it and it seems like she's not doing anything. I understand that she's probably very busy, but if she's too busy then why not just give me his contact information and I'll do it myself.

I really don't want him to have any of my contact information because he's had it before and it just leads to one big mess after another and I just started getting my life stable, and his mess is the last thing I need. I'm not even listed in the phone books as aresult of his pastattempts attrying to contact me and "apologize for the past".

I keep getting the feeling like my mom thinks I'm just after money. To be honest, if my grandma did leave me money and if it's still there then it will make things SO much easier. But it's about more then that. If I get that will from him then to me that's like helping to resolve things. It will show that he no longer has anything to hold against me or above me. All my life he's lied, stole, manipulated and done really bad things to me, and whenever he thought that I'd start to talk about it then he'd make me feel guilty and like it was all my fault and no one would beleive me. I remember as young as 7 years old being told by him that if I said something about it all then him and my mom were going to get wa divorce and it would be all my fault and then my mom would be very sad and life would be hard and it would be all my fault. They did get a divorce and life was hard on us and all those years I carried around the guilt thinking that it was all my fault.

I remember when I was 10 he told me that if I said anything or tried to cut him out of my life then he'd worry about me constantly and crash his truck (he was a truck driver) and die and it'd be my fault because I put that worry and stress on him. I heard these things from him all my life and when I was about 17 or 18 I finally let go of all that guilt. All that guilt that he had pounded into my brain since as far back as I could remember, I finally let it all go and him having my grandma's will is the last thing that he can ever hold over me.


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