I’ve never written a blog, but it helps to talk things out. Today my anxiety has spiked. I’m feeling better now. Earlier in the day, I couldn’t find anything to do that would calm me down. Usually I run, but I felt way too tired, and it was really hot outside. Summer is the hardest season for me. The thing that finally helped was playing relaxation music on you tube and texting or messaging friends and family. It also helps to talk about what’s wrong, which is why I’m typing this.

I keep trying to watch youtube or netflix, but everything I see irritates me. So I keep coming back to this Blog. I started drinking Valerian tea a few months ago and it has helped a lot. I even drink it at work. I’m drinking some right now too.

I’ve also started running. I set a goal of running an 8minute mile by June 1st. I was running well over 10 minute mile when I started two months ago. Now I’m at 8 minutes 29 seconds. Ive got 4 more days to make it. At first I got shin splints, that went away after a few weeks. Then I started to get a pain in the ligaments of my right ankle. That lasted about a week. Now I’m pretty much healed. I think my body is getting stronger to adapt to the running.

I drank a few beers last night, and my body didnt like that at all. It got used to a healthier lifestyle and is rejecting the alcohol. The hang-over was terrible. I never used to have hangovers that bad after drinking such a relatively small amount of alcohol. I’m going to wait until tomorrow or the next day to try running again. Then next weekend I will try to see how close I can get to the 8min mile. I dont think I’ll make it, but I think I can come really close.

I had a friend take this picture of me.

  1. samarkand 5 years ago

    HI bryan1978 and thanks for sharing.

    I enjoyed reading your first blog and am so impressed at your goal of running an 8 minute mile. I’m lucky if I can run 8 steps at the moment. If I had a dollar for everytime I’ve been told that exercise is the best way to deal with anxiety and depression etc I’d have a personal trainer by now… not that I would actually train but I could hire one to tell me how much good a bit of physical exertion would do me. It sounds like you have turned a corner with your physical health and I’m sure your mental health will benefit too. You’re kind of inspirational 🙂 Keep up the good work!

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  2. mddandme 5 years ago

    Love your pic. 🙂

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