I wanted to get something off my chest I kinda mad right now. I hate how everything I do seems to be bigger than it is.like i mean i could be doing the easiest task than the thing turns out to be outta this world. for example today my boss told me to set some things up in the office looks pretty simple well it kinda took me some time.so the boss and another coworker go where im at and in one two three they do it. But thats not even the problem then they wanna make me feel stupid. now, im the passive aggressive type that things could be going on and ill smile ha ha whatever but deep down iinside im burning…I fucking hate stupid people! and its not stupid because they cant grasp anything its stupid because these same people making me feel stupid they are fucking Idiots that want to make themselves seem smarter than they really are but you look at them and you say to yourself.THESE ARE SOME FUCKIN IDIOTS! and not because i judged them because i hate judging and labeling people but but because they judged me first Fucking bastards. and i give people many and then many opportunities but when i cant take it anymore and I lash out at them then im the fucking bad guy…..Im extreme at times but its not my fault I try to give people cahnces and understand them.Im already fucked up as it is now why would you wanna make me feel any worse if I havent even done anything to you. Well if theres anyone out there that took the time to read this I appreciate it and if you can relate or wanna give your opinion feel free to leave me a comment.

 "They are Ugly inside just like me" CROW**


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