I sit and remember all my lost time

And the things you put me thru, oh this should be a crime

And you gave me your back when I needed your hand

When I needed to climb you wouldnt give me a strand

And I dont understand

Now you think I should consider you a friend

Swingin' back around cause a bitch got money to spend

I dont think you realize my necessity to become a better me

So I just let it go and willingly set it free

I try to forget all the shit I cant stand

How you burned all my bridged when I needed to get to land

And how you locked me in a box when I needed to expand

And now I realize I dont need your fuckin' hand

And I'll claw up this hill with my nails I dont need your assistance

And I'll call on God when all else fails and get thru this with Him and persistance

I'll move on and forget your existance

But as for you, You wont forget about me

Cause I will be all you see

Above and beyond all you'll ever strive to be

Thinkin' you cool cause you injest impurities

And you front like you hot when you full of insecurities

Actin' like you got it all under control when in reality you have it all swept under the rug

And you try to be smug

Pretending nothing hurts you

But I see what you do

And my advice to you is…

People in glass houses shouldnt throw stones

Cause when it shatters it cuts right down to the bones

And reveals the you

You try so dearly to hide

And everyone will know you tell nothing but lies

I idealize to realize

Cause people nowadays will do anything to get ahead

Selling their souls when they are already dead

Spreading lies like disease

Shallow eyes that decieve

Pushing you down just to get in your place

I see it all clear now like a slap in the face

You see I bring it all out like a poetic magician

See you can say what you want but you could never have my position

See I see you in a bad condition

If you dont come my way with the right precision

Cause I may be small and meak

But the last thing I am is weak

And im not even talkin' bout physical strength

Im talkin' bout my words that will put you down at God knows what length

Or depth

So I say to you with this literal slap in the face

You might want to think twice about takin' my place…..



All my poetry is copywritten so dont copy me!!!


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