the song i put down not sure it came out right please if you choose to listen to it love you all for reals to infinity and beyond we all rock let her sleep she needs it i tried to call to appologize to him for the italian thing i said lmao omg some things just do not change and are not meant to i think i said something like go keep it up small what evah gonna put your azz in a meat grindah and like jimmy hoffa no one gonna find ya cause you in such fine parts fogettaboutit lmao opps sunny gratziano keep on keepen on nut job lmao ok Dr Sparky all ok now rose above the ashes like all of us do and will keep doing i became a thunderbird hey muppstah imagine that lmao heheh thanks for reals i mean thanks and for real tell marek thank you for his tolerence and love he showed me during what ever cryen out loud lol me mum oh u kids laughter for cryen out loud rest in peace katherine ann rest in peace for i know now what you meant when you said to me just before you passed go getten honey you have one dragon left to slay and i dont just love you i like you awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww cryen mum mary got my back tierd and all she is always there like you to remind me of my last and final name ready this is f en funny i know i have said this already oh lord repetes yuk sometimes but here we go its a lot to do with the love and tolerance acceptance and genuine we give a dew dew lol play on words again SHE WHO WALKS TALL LMAO OMG DELANE BE STILL U LIL FIRE CRAKER YOU GO GIRL YOU TAKE THE LEAD DR IS BURNT UP TELL YOU ALL THE REST LATER BLESSINGS TO ALL OF YOU MANY MANY BLESSINGS YEAH I KNOW I GOT BIG BRASS OVAIES ME AND THE KID WE STIR EM UP THEN SMOOTHEM OUT WE ROCK DT WE ROCK SINCERLY YOURS ANDREA SPARKY SHE WHOM WALKS TALL


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