Well, not really. Actually…she does nothing at all for the money (and by she…I mean me). So, to play catch up…I started my old job a day late because they were having technical difficulties. I spent that day coming down with something–no kidding. I have a cold. I simply knew. Oh…and a miniature snow storm blew on by. However…let's get back to work.


Work is a misnomer for what I do. That's right. I am being paid to do…nothing. It's in my contract. See…my job is very disorganized and apparently not ready for this century. So…this means I sign in for a meeting along with…what I suppose you could call my co-workers…and we are told to take five…for four hours. No joke there. That was the first part of my day today. Oh, sometimes I get things read to me…and my microphone is muted and I'm not on camera when discussion goes on…and discussion usually only involves somebody asking a question and my bosses trying (emphasis on that word) to explain what they meant…for about fifteen minutes. Now…I can read for myself. So, being read to and being told why something should be this way instead of another way is…boring. Factor in plenty of breaks in between these readings due to technical difficulties or an actual break (because we desperately need them when we've already been on break for an hour because the meeting goes down)…and I'm extremely bored. Bored, no microphone, no camera, and me make for an interesting cocktail. I like my one boss. She's fun. I trade messages with her and we laugh…except that's not enough. So…what does a girl chained to the computer do with all that spare time, I wonder. I play video games. I listen to music. I watch videos. I shop.


Now…I think I also failed to mention…whether I am there or not…I get paid. That means if the meeting finishes early…I still get paid for eight hours. That means if I finish playing with a website fast…I can quit and I still get paid for the complete time. Today…I spent four hours on break (and an hour break for supper)…then came back…played with a website for an hour and a half (because we were finally allowed to do something)…finished playing…and got another two and a half hour break. I earned it, apparently. This project shall go on for an undetermined length of time.


Let me get to the other stuff, though…because…while all that sounds awesome…it's boring. I spent almost an hour the other day trying to get back into the meeting as they tried to fix technical difficulties because I was obligated to attempt that. Also…I have to qualify for the rest of the project. If we ever get around to qualifying stuff…I'm concerned I will not qualify despite my boss's comment that she and her colleagues completely failed at this stuff when they worked on it and it took time to fix the issues. I need that money. I have plans for it. So…since we did practice for however long we wanted to tonight (which meant…when we finished the practice…we were told how we did and we could go our merry way whether we took a minute or several hours) I feel extremely responsible for staying on. My boss was serious…this is a difficult project. And I'm tired (though I tried to gain extra time at this job…though my boss didn't answer so I don't know what she thinks of my taking an extra four hours a day for a total of twelve hours a day). Because I'm tired…I'm spending less time with Oz, less time with Max (mon petit chou chou has become very insistent on cuddling with me at night)…and I have all this other stuff to get done. Also…I head back to my second career sometime in April or May…probably in the mornings if this project isn't over and I qualify for the rest of it or am not offered another project. There are a series of them. I have no time for llfe. And…of all my little pet addictions…money is by far the worst so the fact that I have no time for a life is almost irrelevant to me. If I keep my project and work steadily on other projects until the season ends in August…I then go back to class in the fall. This is bad because I am a workaholic when it comes to being marketable and if the one class I need isn't offered…I have the opportunity to take a tiny handful of low level electives that I can finish in one semester…and have a minor to go with the two majors on my certification (and my two B.A.s and my M.A., and the stalled Ph.D. I keep meaning to get back to). Still…the project is the important thing right now and I spent tonight sort of worrying about the possibility of not qualifying. New type of project for my old job so…I wish it was the other type of project I did for them. I want that money. So…I'm a bit down, I guess. Spent time with a friend and with Oz…and, of course, Max. Now…here.


Also…I want to start having kids soon. Life is not compatible with pregnancy and raising a child right now. And that is everything I have the mental capacity to write at present. Ciao and thanks for reading.


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