This has been one of those days that what ever could happen does.  Started out this morning a little after six am to get blood work done and got stuck waiting on a train to get through but it stopped so everyone that was waiting turned around and went a differrent way.  Wanted to be at the hospital by six forty but never got there till almost seven so that ment I had to wait for the people ahead of me which I wanted to get it done and out of there fast,never happened.  When I finally got out of there I had to go and grab some thing fast to eat because of being diabetic and I had to wait in line there for almost fifteen minutes.  When I finally got to my new apartment and was wiping the cupboards out two men came to take the propane tank out and I had to talk to them about leaveing it there and paid them for the fuel that was in it and ask them to check the stove, well the people that was there had disconnected the clickers to light the stove plus they cut the two front burner lines.  Here I go calling the new landlord and told him about and he told me to go and buy one that we will work out the difference some how.  Now I haven't bought a stove in over fifteen years and I only paid about three hundred back then for one and here I had to pay a little over five hundred for it, I almost crapped my pants.  Now that I amhome after a not so nice morning the electric company is playing around with the electric.  What a trying day it has been.  Have to finish packing yet and I have to go the the county housing first thing tomorrow.  Hope tomorrow isn't as bad. God is with me and he will see me through this.

Thank you all for your comments.

God be with DT

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 11 years ago

    Your day would have worn me out and I'm not diabetic.  Such an unexpected expense would have knocked me for a loop.  Something tells me that he didn't expect you to buy a new stove. " We'll work something out" got my attention,Too!  My alarm buttons just went off; how are yours doing?

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