Well, now I'm sick. I have an infection. Did I mention I was sick before? I don't remember. I went to the doctor and they said it was no biggie (they said it was a viral sore throat I think) but it's gotten worse… (I am now coughing up yellow crap and blowing it out of my nose) I don't know whether or not I should go to the doctor again… yellow signals an infection…

So my boyfriend is a total freak. Not only am I sick, but I had a pretty goddamn bad day yesturday and I wanted some emotional support. I found him and he freaked out or something, started yelling at me, snarling, in public… he said he didn't want to see me today… i started crying… it made him like marginally nicer… I have no idea what that whole … was about… but… he was supposed to do some things for me, and i was supposed to see him saturday… i heavily fear he was upset because he do much or even start on what i asked him to do… i didn't even get to tell him why i was having a bad day… we barely spoke… it was just me running into him, him being nasty, us sitting next to each other giving each other the silent treatment, and then both of us leaving… he did ask to hear whatever it was that i thought was so important that i had to see him but i said i wouldn't tell him unless he was nice and he wasn't nice so i didn't tell him i did mention being sick though… he kept saying he didn't want to see me… I find that to be really weird…

Two of my neighbors are gone. Yay. Yay because they made life hard for me. I think they liked me, though, even though I didn't like them. At least, I think they liked me enough. They had to leave because in the real world people don't put up with those kind of antics… I say that because when I was child I knew people that could get away with their kind of shit…

So, if anyone is reading this you might say that I should go back to the doctor. Well, I may not be able to afford it, and they may want to give me antibiotics. I am pretty much immune to one kind of antibiotic they give for sinus infections. I also believe you should only take antibiotics when absolutely necessary. I cannot go to the free clinic because I have insurance. Problems… problems… (My insurance pays for some, not all medical bills)

I am going pretty hard on the job searching. Something should come in for me then. I don't know where I will live next. I hope I like it.

Yeah, today sucks, let's hope it gets better and that tomorrow is an even better one.


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