The renter that I let move into my house has gone terribly wrong.  She is a 30+ female with a great job.  She was an acquaintance of my best friend and seemed to be a stand up person.  All 3 of us have hung out together over the past several months, she was living with her mom after she got divorced 4 months ago and of course wanted to move out of her mom's house.  She knew my situation of trying to get back on my feet financially after several months of being unemployed and no income.  I have been nothing but cordial and friendly, not angry at all, until now.  She told me she was going to pay me $300 last Friday for September bills and would pick up her belongings on Saturday, but no money has been seen and her s**t is still here.  She refuses to reply to my text and voice mail messages.  I started packing her room and found that her dog tore the heck out of the carpet in my spare room, UGGGHHHH.  One more thing to add to the short 6 weeks of her stay of not paying me, me coming home to the dog not being let out all day and dog feces all over the floor, flea bombing the house last week and the cleanup afterwords.  She is such a coward!  I have not lashed out at her or done anything for her to avoid me the way she is and now I am angry.  All she had to do was communicate with me.  Instead, she is corresponding with my best friend to find out when I am out of the house so she can drop in from time to time.  I finally put my foot down last night by texting her to tell her she is not allowed in my home and she will have to schedule a time with me to pick up her remaining belongings.  Of course, she hasn't replied.  The girl has a great job, brand new car (loaded by the way) but can't pay $300 a month????  We are talking about a 30+ female, she is definitely far from being meek (on the outside) but won't own up to her responsibilities.  I can't believe how she took advantage of me. 

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  1. chunckywannabcurvy 11 years ago

    it is horrible that this has happened to you and you are well within your rights to be angry.  but please remember about your mutual friend, i hope things arent ruined between you as it would be horrible to have lost a friendship to this as well.  I think you did well to stand up for yourself and tell her to schedule a time to pick up her stuff.  But you must put a limit to this otherwise she will just leave it and leave it and leave it.  Maybe give her a week and if she hasn't contacted you, you should arrange for her stuff to be moved out your home.  (i'm not sure what options you have available to you in this situation, but even if it is in the trash!) Tell her after she has not contacted you that you will be throwing her stuff out and billing her for the removal costs.  Also, you didnt say in your post if she had keys – if she does change the locks! and you can bill her for that too!

    I hope it works out, i wish you all the best,

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