I'm feeling a little down right now. Everything is going okay, my family is getting along, I slept well, I even went for a jog. But the amount of stuff I have to do has drastically shrunk away to nothing. I have no contact with anyone outside of my parents and my brother and all they do is watch tv or, in the case of my brother, play video games.

We just finished dinner and it really struck me just how horrible their eating habits are.

8 ounces of milk – 120 calories
8 ounces of chocolate milk – 220 calories
8 ounces of mashed potatoes – ~174 calories
8 ounces of turkey – ~424 calories
Noodles – ~219 calories

My brother, alone, consumed over 1000 calories in one sitting. And that's all he's eaten today. He woke up I don't know how many hours ago but is only just now eating. That's a terrible way to jumpstart your metabolism! It's like being woken up with a punch to the face instead of an alarm clock buzzing in the background. And intead of waking up at say, 9:00am, you're getting up in the afternoon. Talk about unpleasant.

I'm clocking in at around 1100 calories so far. I'm not really happy about this as that means I gotta watch my food intake the rest of the day. It's only 5:00pm, I better hope and pray I'm out by midnight…

Besides the calorie issue, I'm lonely. One of the guys I'm interested in told me we'd keep in touch over break but he hasn't been around in 3 days. The other guy, while currently single, will head right on back to his ex as soon as she tugs on his leash. He said he doesn't see this happening as she's not currently responding to any of his messages but how long could no contact last?

I just gotta keep my head on straight. 21 pounds down, ~30 more to go.


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