Well everything started Saturday when I was getting ready for a wedding.  I was just standing in one place putting on makeup and when I tried to move I got a sudden sharp pain in my back and hip.  That was just the beginning.  I went to the wedding and used my cane, went to the buffet table and didn't take it with me and by the time I was headed back to the table I was walking hunched over like an old lady.  By the time we left the wedding I could hardly walk and when I did I was still bent over, straightening up caused that shooting pain again.  when it wasn't hurting I tried to stay that way but it would soon spread and I was hopeless.

Sunday I hurt but not as badly so I didn't have to use the cane. Monday I went to  my parents and by the time I'd driven over there I'd been sitting in one spot without moving so getting out of the car was so painful again.  Mom and dad were concerned about me and driving but I told them I didn't hurt when I drove which was true it was the getting in and out that did me in.  After leaving there I had to go to the grocery we had no food in the house.  I had Landon with me and he was helping he's so cute.  By the time I got to checkout I was bent over again trying to put bags in my basket and lifting just made it worse.  I started to the doorway to leave and only made it to a bench so I sat down with shooting pains going all thru me.  I just sat there for about 10 minutes crying.  My son just happened to call me at that time and asked why I was crying and I told him what had happened.  He lives 45 minutes from me and he dropped everything and came down to help me, took him 20 minutes to get there he must have flown.

He brought in all the bags, put the food away, cleaned up the dishes, got the sinks unstopped and cleaned everything even the floor.  Then he tells me to go lay down and he would take care of Landon and if I needed anything to just holler for him.  He spent the night with me to make sure I was ok.  Bless him for being such a sweetheart.

This morning the baby came (I babysit my 8 month old grandson too)  it was all I could do to lift him without my back and hip screaming at me.  When my daughter came to pick him up I told her what was going on and instead of saying something like mom don't worry I'll get someone else to watch him til you are better she just said I'm sorry.  If I'm still not better tomorrow I'm telling her to find someone else I just can't do it and I can't.  It's a shame my daughter had too much on her mind to comprehend the pain I'm going thru but my son just up and came to help.

I'm sitting here in bad pain but I felt like I needed to get some of this out of my system so if I'm ranting please forgive me.  I just wish someone like my son would notice and try to help me, I'm always there to help them!  Well I must get up from here it's too painful, thanks for listening…..

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  1. Dancer 10 years ago

    Sending you loads of healing ((((hugs))))

    I hope you will feel brighter soon….you are always thinking of others

    and deserve to put you feet up and have someone do something for you

    hold on to that brightness cos it is there

    (((more hugs ))))) xx

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