So about a week ago I found out one of my close friends I knew for 5 years died in a car accident. It is said to believe the driver was intoxicated, and is in critical condition. They didn’t even know my friend was in the car until the next day when they took the car out. He could’ve died from the car accident or maybe drowned while he was in the car, we will never know. A day later I found out that my ex boyfriend whom I still had feelings for and was close with( I knew him for a year) committed suicide. At that point I was devastated. My heart shattered to a million pieces, and all these people he left all deep in sadness and filled with grief. No note, or anything. No one even saw it coming. I talked to him 2 days before it happened, he was videoing me and laughing with me. That day I told him no matter what if he needed to talk I was here. He left so many people that loved him. A week after that we let go of balloons in his memory and so many people were there. All who were very sad but especially his close friends that knew him so well, including me. Now I have been on this site on and off for years, and each and every one of you has a story. I see many people struggling, and I guess I’m sharing this because I want everyone to know, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. People get so deep in depression and hide it for so long that when they finally snap they don’t realize what the consequences are. So even if you feel so very alone, there is always one person that loves you… And some things are irreversible. I just wish he could’ve known that. He always wanted to help people and make them smile, so I will live in his memory and do the same. Starting tonight I will create a separate email, and post it. If you feel alone feel free to email me, I would love to hear everyone’s story. Because everyone must be heard….

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  1. angelinac2005 2 years ago

    Hey! i understand! If you want we can talk! Just add me or hmu!

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