So there\'s this girl named Ashley, she\'s one of Dustin\'s (my boyfriend) friends. She\'s hardcore in love with him (they used to have a thing back before I was dating him but it never went anywhere), before he left for basic training I used to get jealous all the time because she would constantly flirt with him around me,they were goin to get matching tattoosof Simba and Nala (I could go on)and it would cause huge fights between me and him. Every time though he would reassure me that there was nothing going on between either of them and that he loved me. Even when I was saying goodbye to him at the airport before he left he told me "You need to make sure you let Ashley know that I\'m yours". After he left I started hanging out with her just because we were both dealing with him being gone and we even worked through our differences and started to become friends in the short time since he\'s been at basic.

Anyways I was hanging out with her at her house and we were drinking, we went outside to have a smoke and she looked at me with all this guilt on her face. "Shelia, I need to tell you something. It\'s been eating me up inside and I know once I tell you, you\'re going to hate me." I of course started freaking out and my head went straight to every worse case scenerio. "Dustin cheated on you with me. I\'m so sorry and you can hate me if you want. blah blah" She then went on to tell me that he\'sactually in love with herand they\'ve made out multiple times the most recent time being at hisgoing away party. I nearly had an anxiety attack. Once I was thinking clearly, I just found it so odd that she suddenly thought she should tell me all of this right afterDustinsaid he wouldn\'t be allowed to contact anyone for a month. I\'m still freaking out about it because I honestly don\'t know what to believe. He\'s told me he doesn\'t have feelings for her and I haven\'t seen any proof to prove otherwise but I don\'t know. I was talking to her boyfriend and she told him the same things. Unless she is that big of a headcase I don\'t see why she would be saying this stuff if it wasn\'t true.

  1. edan1970 9 years ago

    well thats terrible you really need to know the truth… as hard and hurt as you may be, u deserve nothing but the best and if this guy has cheated on you, you better off without him.. relantionships are hard but without trust and honesty you will always suffer. i know i have been there years ago had 2 kids to a guy i was with for 7 years i knew deep down he was cheating but i turned a blind i because i loved him so… now years and years later i look back at my time with him and i know i wasted to much of my precious life,, found out the truth no matter how hard it is and deal with it, if he has cheated you need to get rid of him why waste your time on a guy that doesnt respect you…i know you are hue\\rting and confused you just need to ask hom when u get a chance tc always here for a chat

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  2. bulldog23 9 years ago

    Time well tell whoever is lying and you just need to keep your head up becuase you didnt do anything wrong.

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  3. triggered 9 years ago

    Bad news at every turn. You need a new road.

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