I know – it's been forever. In this case, it's a good thing.

Here's a quick summary of everything between February 2012 and now (November 2014):

-Get a job as a veterinary assistant

-Startdating awesome boy

-Registerfor college class (and passit!)

-Pass2 more college classes

-Goto Thailand and volunteerwith rescued elephants and livewith a hill tribe

-Awesome boy breaksup with me

-I quit my veterinary assistant job to go back to school full-time

-I become a jedi

-Decide on a Sociology Major and English Minor

-Join 4 on-campus clubs

-Become an officer of 3 on-campus clubs

-Move out of my parents' house and into an apartment with a roommate

-Get into "Game of Thrones" in a major way (yes, this gets a whole bullet point to itself)

-Spend a month and a half in the United Kingdom studying abroad at Oxford and exploring London and later, Edinburgh

-Get a job at a feline veterinary clinic in the area

-Move out of apartment and into condo with 2 different roommates who are not as dirty (it can't all be good stuff on the list)

-Get a moment to catch my breath (by which I mean work on a Social Stratification group project about socio-economic status and mental health) and skulk back to OCD Tribe after way too long to check in.

I'm moving forward most of the time and moving backward some of the time but either one of those is better than standing still. Winter is historically difficult for me but the job and classes keep me super busy – sometimes too busy – and if I have time to feel anything unpleasant, I just feel scattered. Recently I haven't been getting enough sleep which is also historically not good because 8.5 hours of sleep and my sanity go hand-in-hand but I'm working on it.

I would say that my proudest accomplishment since 2012 has been learning how to be happy alone. I've grown to love traveling alone because it forces me to immerse myself in the culture around me and meet new people – and I've met SO MANY new and interesting people, even if it's just for ten minutes in Trafalgar Square and we never cross paths again. It makes me want more. I hope the years have been kind to all of you, as well.

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  1. ZackP 7 years ago

    I'm super glad to hear you're well 🙂

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