I read all these blogs people post, and I have so many emotions when I do. I am sorry but I can't stand the teenagers or break up posts. They are whiney and immature and I always feel like posting something under their blog saying, come talk to me when you have REAL problems.

Look I was young once, I have felt like my world was over after a breakup, but come on, looking back I now know, those weren't that bad of problems.

I don't claim to know it all or claim my depression and problems are BIGGER than everyone elses. I know we are all different. I just get annoyed with the young whiners on here, that's it.

Anyway, I guess I am offically a crabby, older lady now. I have let go of the fact that I am not the hot young man eater I used to be. What I can't seem to kick is that it PISSES me off. EVERYTHING pisses me off! My family, my friends, the news, traffic, the grocery check out girl…..You name it, and it probably pisses me off.

I wasn't always like this, and I couldn't tell you specifically how I got so jaded, but it has been creeping for awhile and now I have accepted it. Today I didn't think of jumping in front of a train, so I guess that means it was a good day? how sad that this is my new gage on life.

I don't take meds, I don't tell people how I feel, I don't ask for help. It is my fault and I deal with it by suffering alone and lashing out at anyone I can. While they wonder what the HELL is her problem.

It is a never ending sad story, that will have a sad ending and that's it. People will move on the next day, drink coffee, scratch their ass and giggle at stupid tv shows. No one really gives a shit, so why should I? Life is just a slow down hill to death. That's it, nothing special.


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