It's been a long day for me. Still waking up late, but it's mostly because my mind is so stressed it's affecting my body. Went through two school performances today.

Yeah, I know I said I would drop out, but something just kept me from going. Maybe it's all the time I've spent working on it. Maybe it's the girl who confuses my heart (is that a surprise?). Or maybe it's just loyalty.

I was going to place an entry the other night, but the opening performance that day was just so bad I wanted the bed immediately. Hardly anyone knew what to do that night. So many times did we not end up singing our parts because of that. Only the main actors (the family of Adam, the family of Noah, and God) and a select few of the ensemble were close to spot on.

That pissed not only the directors of, but also me. Whenever I start making mistakes, I focus so much on them I can't think about what to do next. Despair turns to bitterness and finally anger. I'm actually amazed I didn't expolde that time.

Thank Terry and Anne (director's first names) that they fixed those problems immediately today. Nothing major, just focusing more on specific ensemble members for certain songs that everyone in the first act. That takes a lot of stress off of the ones who get confused.

The first performance was okay. No issues, but the show was just piecing together in that moment. That's what's a bit sad; we've been working on this for over three months. We should have already gotten any major issues down within that time.

The second, praise whatever force created nature. So much smother, everyone was onstage when needed, and it just became an effective piece of art that could move even a priest. The only problem was the level of energy people had backstage. I swear, the audience could have heard us so many times. Even me, though one time could have been an accident.

Almost time for me to go to sleep, though I'll doubt that it'll happen in the next few hours. There's just no way for me. And there's another performance tomorrow (Yes, on a Sunday. It is two stories revised straight out of the Bible.). Guess I'll have to break a leg just to get myself out of bed.


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