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 People are so mysterious, and when I think about the bones in these foreign mortals closets, I tend to think in a very pessimistic way.   Rarely do I see the good that can be in a person, especially men.  Don't let me miss lend you, I've known from a very young age that women can commit vile crimes as equally as men can.  Nevertheless, I find to let women get  "checked out" or rather more forbearing to check off as "harmless".

 Over the years I have found that throught my afflicted upbringing I have developed a way of reading some people.  I believe that our dirty deeds as well as our misfortunes affect us in more ways than inwardly.  Listen closely and you can hear the voice of a victims as well as predator.  Look closely and you can also see traits in their faces that suggest what may lie behind their closet doors. 

Just a daunting is the reality that 99.9% of the people you come in contact with are hinding some pretty fucked up shit.  Why? Because people don't want to be jugded by their horrendous.  Two of the most unfavoritable labels are "victim" and "villian".  Althoungh in the majority of case's most would rather be a victim verus villian.

 Sometimes villians do start off as victims, but for some daunting reason they chose to cross that very thick line.  A line so thick it can be compared to the Berlin Wall (land mines and all).  The question to why they would cross this line is grotesquely unclear to me.I feel once you have decided to make the daunting journy over that line there is no, NO fuckin way of going back.

 As for the lable "victim" our society tends to look it up that word in our hierarchy thesaurs and see the synonym "weakness".  Do you like being called weak? No, I don't believe anyone really likes to be called weak, in fact society teaches us at a very early age that the weakness is an unfavoritable trait.

Anyone can see how painful it is to be a victim.  Here's a simple way to put yourself in a victims point of view; People tend to feel uncomfortable in a tight space so we'll start there, Imagine yourself standing in a small dark space with only one way out and that way just so happens to be locked.  You feel as if you have been in there for years, but in reality it has only been about only six hours.  Suddenly you hear "that sound" and your bones begin to tremble, emotions quickly act out because you know once that door opens your face dies.  The door opens and a hand swiftly grabs your throat while the other hand gabs you with knife into you pelvis.  You want to scream but you can  even breath.  You feel as though you have wet yourself but in reality its the blood running down your paralyzed body.  You want to cry but the fear wont humiliation wont allow it.  Feel the knife twist, hear it rip.

Yeah woah hurts huh? 

In the end 99.9% of these people you will never know what lies behind their hidden closet doors.

 Futhermore a scarier situation is what to do when  you do find or stumble across some bones.

                                                   Bette Kisum 




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    very interesting article that you have written. wow, very impressive article that you got there. i love it

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