A member posted this question. I replied there, but wanted to record it here for my own glorification – I need that… "Now."

I may beable offer a theory and a possible solution.

You got out of the pit last time by un-knowingly using the power of now. The pain (discomfort, depression, anxiety, etc.) got bad enough that you got motivated enough to say:

"Enough! This is wrong and I'm gonna fix it!"

And then you did…. but never past or better than the best you've ever felt. Every time through the loop the same way. Falling back into the patterns that you lived your life under that directly led to the downward spiral of depression the first however many times.

Read "The Power of Now," by Ekkart Tolle, and mediate. There are a thousand different ways to meditate. Read and research and try 'em all. All work – some better for some people than others.

You exercise to have a healthy body. You brush your teeth to keep them from falling out of your head. What do you do for your mind?

Exercise it. Clean it. Make sure it is in tip-top shape and everything else will fall into place.

I also recommend "Mind over Mood," by I can't 'member who. Do what it says with determination – and the first little bit of all this stuff I recomendpromises to be a bitMORE horridthan what you've got now… you're cleaning out (your age) # of years of junk and garbage. Some of it pretty disturbing – and by that I mean causes discomfort, not disgustingly whatever.

But there are many incredible moments of clarity along the way to keep you going. If you can hold on to them during the dry-spells… the dry spells will become less and less, smaller and smaller.

Don't fault your "self" for being sad. You are resisting what is. Your "self" is sad. Right "Now" ask it why. If the fact is that you are not ready to ask that question yet – honour that decision – and then go do what needs to be done to fix it so you CAN ask that question. And do it "Now."

What is best for my "self" – all of me, the hurt part, the sad part, the unconcious part and the part asking this question – what is best for me right Now?

Then go do it. Right Now. There is no past, and you can't ever possibly comprehend or guess what the (far) future holds for you… even the near future in any detail. All you have is right "Now."

Right "Now" you know what you know about your "self," your issues, your problems and you know there are things you want to change. Pick the one that is best for you – all of you (mother, father, child, hurt, in pain, employee, employer, etc.- all of the "you's" that make up "you") using the knowledge you have, make the best choice you can figure out to make to honour ALL of your self.

Then get up and put that into action. And do it "Now."

Hunger means the body needs to be fed – this takes priority over studying ways to make better choices for your total self. So stop to eat. Then go right back to figuring out how to make the best choices for your self.

You need "play-time" to remain psychologically healthy. When you feel the need, induldge it – without guilt. When you have had enough – for health, not for how much you'd like to have – go to the next thing that is important right NOW.

And then do it. And do it….. "Now."

I recomend meditation and the book I said. It is a great place to start. But if you choose to start somewhere else – you know you a heck of a lot better than I do – that is ok, too. Just honour your "self."

And do it "Now."


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