One hot summer day I decided to do some serious house cleaning. When I was finished I was going to go to Good Will and drop off the unwanted items. My son was about 13 at the time and as boys tend to do, he got bored while helping.

 I decided to gut my daughters room. She had many little trinket toys, just little junk she never uses, one of which was a decoration. The colored sand in a glass jar, that most of the time was under her bed or on the floor so in a box it went, and I was off again to clean more.

After several trips in & out of the house putting boxes in the trunk, I look down to see a miss shappen colorful thing laying in the yard. My first thought was "Those darn dogs,what have they chewed up now!!" I have 3 large dogs & they're all stinkers!

As I reach down to pick up what looked to be a toy of some sort, chewed and mangled, my fingers sank into this freshly laied mushy, baking in the summer sun dog terd that my son decided to cover over w/ the sand art from the glass jar,he must have found in my Good Will box!

I was in shock, then very groosed out! My son stood there on the deck in fits of laughter! I had just been made to have exposure thereapy w/o my concent! Or so it felt like it anyway!! I ran in the house washing my hands over & over, then filled up the sink w/ bleach & water & scrubbed them again!

Holy smck that was gross!! That's one OCD moment I'll never forget! We both laughed about it later!

from Merlissa

the OCD Queen in Michigan


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