I was planning on catching the bus to the therapist's office, but the weather was shocking. I was then going to ask mum to drive me, but then she went out. I ended up calling her and telling her I had an appt in Bellerive (where the therapist is) and she drove me. I was very close to telling her what the appointment was for. As far as I know, she doesn't know that i'm seeing a shrink or a therapist.

The meeting with the therapist went ok. I couldn't tell her in full about the last few days, but I did tell her about the cutting. She offered to have a dr look at them, but I blankly refused. Last thing i need is a dr prodding around my leg.

we had a good chat about my father, and the whole situation with that. It was an ok session.  When I was in the waiting room, one of the drs from the Psych ward was there. I had seen him a few times on my last visit. It was awkward when he asked how I was doing.. I mean if i was doing ok, i wouldn't be in a waiting room in a Mental health clinic. Kind of obvious if you ask me. But then again, with my experiences over the last few days, I don't think anything is obvious anymore.

On a special Note: I would like to extend my deepest thanks to Li. She is an amazing person, and without her, I don't think i'd be sitting here right now. I'd probably be in psych. So to Li.. thank you. Your kindness and support is overwhelming, and I thank you.. more than words can say.

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  1. snowdreamer 12 years ago

    I'm glad your session went well today and it worked out you got a ride instead of taking the bus.  I too am a cutter and that's a hard thing to admit to someone.  I've tried extremely hard to resist doing it lately but the pain inside of me has to come out somehow and cutting seems to be the only way I can let the pain flow out of me. 

    I have met Li she is a totally sweet person that suffered a hard life and her advice and her listening to your problems is outstanding she is so caring.

    I hope the rest of the day and night goes well for you too sweetheart….take care!

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